Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo Overview

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo

Travelers seeking an authentic immersion into the world of Samurai traditions can partake in a 2-hour genuine Samurai experience through Kendo in Tokyo. Picture this: the sound of bamboo swords clashing, the thrill of combat games, and the guidance of skilled instructors.

But what sets this experience apart? Stay tuned to discover the insider details that make this workshop a must-try for anyone intrigued by the ancient art of Kendo in the heart of Tokyo.

Key Points

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Key Points

  • Exclusive hands-on Kendo workshop with experienced instructor
  • Learn practical skills and engage in tournament-style combat game
  • All equipment and armor provided, suitable for all experience levels
  • Enjoy complimentary drinks, souvenir Kendo towel, and flexible scheduling options


2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Overview

When embarking on the 2-hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo, participants dive into an exclusive hands-on Kendo workshop led by experienced instructors in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to take in Samurai history and Japanese culture through the practice of Kendo, a traditional Japanese martial art that focuses on swordsmanship. Participants not only learn practical skills but also engage in tournament-style combat games, experiencing firsthand the discipline and techniques of the Samurai.

The workshop caters to all experience levels, welcoming beginners and advanced practitioners alike. By delving into the world of Kendo, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Japan and the values embodied by the Samurai warriors.


Nestled in the vibrant city of Tokyo, Japan, the Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo workshop takes place at the prestigious 誠道館ビル, offering participants a prime location to explore the world of traditional Japanese swordsmanship. Located near top attractions, this workshop immerses visitors in the heart of local culture, providing a unique opportunity to engage with Japan’s rich martial arts heritage.

The venue’s proximity to key landmarks allows participants to explore Tokyo’s traditional and modern fusion easily. Surrounding amenities and the workshop’s setting within this bustling city contribute to an authentic experience, blending history with contemporary Tokyo life. The central location ensures convenient access for participants to enjoy the workshop and further explore Tokyo’s vibrant offerings.

Workshop Details

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Workshop Details

Enjoy the Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo workshop located in the vibrant city of Tokyo, Japan, offering a hands-on opportunity to learn traditional Japanese swordsmanship. Participants will explore sword techniques and combat skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. The workshop provides a platform to hone practical combat skills through tournament-style games. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:

Workshop Details
Duration 2 hours
Instructor Ratio 1:1
Equipment Included Yes

Engage in this interactive session to grasp the essence of Kendo and develop your combat abilities in a dynamic learning environment.


2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Inclusions

Participants in the Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo workshop in Tokyo will have access to exclusive hands-on training with an experienced instructor, all equipment and armor provided, and the opportunity to learn practical skills and engage in tournament-style combat games.

The workshop benefits include a personalized experience with a professional guide, culture through traditional Kendo practices, and the chance to take in the world of the samurai. This unique opportunity allows participants to explore the rich history and art of Kendo while enjoying complimentary drinks and receiving a souvenir Kendo towel.

Engaging in this workshop not only offers a physical challenge but also a chance to deepen one’s understanding of Japanese martial arts and culture.

Participant Requirements

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Participant Requirements

To participate in the Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo workshop in Tokyo, individuals must meet the minimum age requirement of 9 years old and book for a minimum of 2 people. Participants should have a strong physical fitness level to fully engage in the hands-on Kendo activities.

The workshop involves practical skills training and tournament-style combat games, making it essential for participants to be physically prepared for the experience. Kendo requires agility, coordination, and stamina, so individuals with a good fitness level will be able to fully enjoy and benefit from the workshop.

Understanding and meeting the age requirement and being in good physical condition will ensure that participants get the most out of their Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo.

Booking Information

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Booking Information

For booking the Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo, interested you can easily secure their spot by selecting their preferred date and time through the online reservation system. The booking process is straightforward, with various options available to suit different schedules. Availability can be checked in real-time, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

Payment options are flexible, with secure online transactions accepted for convenience. In case of any inquiries or assistance needed, customer service is readily available to provide support. Participants can rest assured that their booking is confirmed instantly upon completion, allowing them to prepare for this exclusive hands-on Kendo workshop.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced Kendo instructor and learn about the world of samurais.


2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Reviews

With an outstanding overall rating of 5.0 from 84 reviews, the Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo has garnered high praise for its authentic and engaging approach to learning the art of Kendo. Participant feedback highlights the excellent experience, knowledgeable instructors, and fun learning environment provided by this workshop. The Sensei interactions are particularly appreciated, with participants commending their patience and informative guidance throughout the session. Many reviewers highly recommend this Kendo workshop for all visitors, describing it as a must-do experience in Tokyo. The activity is lauded for its real, highly active classes that offer a blend of fun and education. Below is a summary of some key points from the reviews:

Review Highlights Rating
Excellent Experience 5.0
Knowledgeable Instructors 5.0
Fun Learning Environment 5.0

Common questions

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Common questions

Can Participants Bring Their Own Kendo Equipment to the Workshop?

Participants cannot bring their own kendo equipment to the workshop as all required gear is provided. This ensures adherence to equipment regulations and safety guidelines. However, there are customization options available within the workshop for personal belongings.

Is There a Minimum Height Requirement for Participants to Take Part in the Kendo Workshop?

For safety reasons, there is no minimum height requirement for participants in the Kendo workshop. All are welcome to experience this authentic martial art. Safety measures are in place to ensure a secure environment for all.

Are There Changing Facilities Available for Participants to Use Before and After the Workshop?

Changing facilities are available for participants to use before and after the workshop. They provide a convenient space for participants to prepare and store their equipment. The setup ensures a comfortable and practical experience for all attendees.

Is There a Waiting Area for Friends or Family Members Who Are Not Participating in the Workshop?

Yes, there is a designated waiting area for friends or family members who are not participating in the workshop. They can observe the session comfortably from this observation spot while participants enjoy the genuine Samurai experience.

Can Participants Take Photos or Videos During the Kendo Workshop?

Participants can take photos during the Kendo workshop. However, they should respect cultural sensitivity and digital etiquette. Prior permission may be needed for video recording. Following photography rules and etiquette enhances the experience and shows appreciation for the art of Kendo.

Last Words

Experience the thrill of Kendo in Tokyo with this 2-hour genuine Samurai workshop. Learn from experienced instructors, engage in tournament-style combat games, and learn about the ancient art of the Samurai.

With all equipment provided, flexible start times, and complimentary drinks, this workshop offers a dynamic and educational experience for participants of all levels.

Book now to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of Samurai traditions.